Add Your Unit Organization

Available for Government Permissioned Organizations only.


This feature allows users within a government Studio group to create an official unity organization associated with their Studio group. Once created, this official org will allow the admin to invite members, leaders, and the assign roles like Unit Training Manger and Leader which unlocks specialized dashboards in the Insights service on MOTAR.


Only one Functional Org can be associated to a government studio group at a time.
  1. 1.
    Select the Communities icon located within the Create New Listing section of Studio.
  2. 2.
    A modal will display and the user should select the radio button associated with creating a community organization.
  3. 3.
    Select the Create icon to display the "What type of community are you creating?" modal.
4. After clicking the CREATE button the user will be redirected to the Community Organization they created on MOTAR Studio. Initially, the user will view the STRUCTURE tab but has access to the MEMBERS tab as well.
After creating the Community Organization, on MOTAR Studio the "Communities" button will be greyed out on the create listings UI. The user can now view the Community Organization by clicking on the GO TO FUNCTIONAL ORG button found at the top of the group's MOTAR Studio listings page.



The Members tab displays users in the organization. From the Members tab, the Org Admin can Add Members, Edit User Roles, and Remove Members.
From the members tab the user can Search Community Members and Sort the results by Role and Date Joined.
  • Role - Org Admin, Memeber, Leader, UTM
  • Date Joined - Newest Members, Oldest Members

Add Members

Click the Add Members button to update the member's view table. Here the org admin can search for a MOTAR user to add.
Click the ADD USER button to add the user to the functional organization. Clicking this button will remove the user from the search results on this table. The user has the member role by default.

Edit User Roles

Click the EDIT USER ROLES button as the Org Admin to update user's roles within your organization. Select the user and then the role you would like to add or remove (found above the member's list). Clicking the DONE button will confirm your changes to user roles.

Remove Members

Users with MEMBER ROLE can be removed from the organization - To remove ORG ADMIN & LEADER Roles transfer the permission to another account.
Each organization must have at least 1 account holding LEADER / ORG ADMIN Roles. A MOTAR Admin can change this rule on the admin application.
Click the REMOVE MEMBERS button to update the table with the option to remove members.
Click the REMOVE button on the user to trigger the confirm-action modal. After clicking REMOVE on the modal the user will be removed from the member's list/organization.


By selecting the link icon users are directed to the associated studio org listing page.
Additional features coming soon