MOTAR Studio

About this service

MOTAR Studio allows developers, both USAF personnel and 3rd party vendors / contractors, to quickly create, link, and distribute their applications for outside platforms using low-code studio tools & multi-language SDKs.

First Time User Experience

When they visit the Studio service for the first time, the user will be shown a pop-up that walks them through the features within Studio. At any point the user can exit out of this tutorial window by CLICKING the X in the top right corner or skip the tutorial by CLICKING the SKIP button. The tutorial can be revisited by CLICKING the question mark icon in the top navigation bar and SELECTING the TUTORIALS FOR STUDIO .


MOTAR Studio is available to USAF 3rd Party Vendors & USAF Developers. USAF Vendors are allowed MOTAR Studio only accounts. These accounts do not give access to MOTAR Portal or MOTAR.
Foreign Users do not have access to MOTAR Studio
From Studio users can:


  • Create communities
  • List and distribute apps and immersive training content
  • Configure applications to use MOTAR APIs
  • Access SDK repositories
  • Use sandbox users and MOTAR Training - Sandbox environment to test
  • Promote apps for production release
  • Grant Studio permission and access to other developers with existing platform accounts
  • Studio Org Admins can add users to your Studio (must request accounts to be created)
USAF Vendors are allowed MOTAR Studio only accounts. These accounts do not give access to MOTAR Portal or MOTAR.
Studio includes tools and a complete sandbox environment to develop applications and training scenarios for the USAF without the need to have broader platform access.


Communities are permission-based groups managed in MOTAR Studio and accessible by users on MOTAR Portal. They allow you to engage a group of MOTAR users directly.
    • Share messages to all community members
    • Distribute applications for a community only curated app listing
    • Connect with the other members


Use Studio tools to link your apps to the MOTAR Platform and leverage the SDK features. Apps can use Sandbox environment when in test and or Production environment when ready for discovery and download from the MOTAR Portal.
  • Create a Sandbox or Production linked App
    • Production apps have the ability to be discovered on MOTAR
    • Sandbox apps are accessible by Studio developers and use sandbox test users

Sandbox Users

Generate user accounts for testing sandbox applications.
    • Generate platform test accounts to interact with the sandbox environment
    • Add instructor permissions to users to test role functionality in app
    • Use with MOTAR Training Sandbox to build courses and test with instructors and students
    • Edit your sandbox users information and personalizing the sandbox experience
    • Create friendships between users
    • Add specific users to different Sandbox Apps
10 Sandbox users can be generated at one time. If you want a new randomized, sandbox user delete a current user then click the generate user button.

Data Browser

View and interact with your Data before your application is in Production.
Only Sandbox environment applications can interact with the Data Browser
    • Interact with your data model.
      • Create, Read, Update or Delete your data.
    • Search
      • Search for data by username, or bucket key.