MOTAR Communities is a collection of Company Showcase Pages

The Communities service on MOTAR consolidates Company Showcase Pages for government and third-party contractor organizations on MOTAR. A Company Showcase Page is a dedicated page in Communities for government and third-party contractors to exhibit their organization and content on the MOTAR platform. Communities will also be used for government users to learn more about the third-party contractors on the platform and find their contact information. Company Showcase Pages are automatically created when a studio organization is added to the system.

MOTAR Communities is available to government users. Company Showcase Pages can be managed within MOTAR Studio by the Studio organization admin users.

  • Discover organizations, both government and third-party contractors, on MOTAR
    • View organization details such as:
      • About Us
      • Contact Info
      • Staff Members
        • Users from the organization that are on MOTAR
      • Listings
        • Active listings on MOTAR Hub
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