Leadership Dashboard

About this Service

The Leadership Dashboard provides a function organization with complete oversight for all MOTAR users assigned to that unit. Leaders will have the ability to view and search by a specific course or user, select multiple courses, identify objectives, view assigned course status for students, and track a roster of all assigned members of their functional organization.


The Leadership Dashboard is found by selecting "View Unit Page" from the My Org page under the Communities service. The Leadership Dashboard is then displayed under the Insights service.
Only one designated Leader will have access to the Leader Dashboard. A designated Leader icon will be displayed next to your name at the top of the page if you have been assigned this role within your functional organization. Those members designated as Leadership (Leaders) of a functional organization will also have a top-down view of the requirements for readiness, tracking, and oversight.

Leader Role

The roles and responsibilities of the Leader within MOTAR are to provide complete access and oversight of a functional organization, training profiles, and readiness within the platform interface.
Need help assigning roles? See the "Edit User Roles" page.


The Leadership Dashboard displays a top-down structural overview of their Functional Organization.

View Airman Learning Record

From the Leadership Dashboard, the Airman Learning Record (ALR) for each unit member is viewable by the leader.