Self Authoring Tool


The Self Authoring Tool is a listing type found on MOTAR Studio. An authoring tool is a listing type used to highlight existing features in your application as a separate listing on MOTAR Hub.


To create an authoring tool listing, click on the Authoring Tool icon shown above. Clicking that icon will push the user to the "Create Authoring Tool" Listing flow.


The info page has four required fields and two optional fields. The user is required to fill out the following data: Authoring Tool Icon, Authoring Tool Environment, Authoring Tool Name, and a Short Description.
This tab also has two optional fields for the user: Preview images and preview videos (pulled directly from your MOTAR Video library.)
You must fill out all required fields before continuing.
The info tab is used to set up your listing page format on MOTAR Hub.


Permissions for your authoring tool are set using the platforms Permission Wizard platform-tool:
"Your answers to the next few questions will determine the listings permission levels. You will have the opportunity to modify your permissions later. Let's start..."
Click the launch button to begin the permission wizard process.
After permissions are set, click save to continue creating your listing. You will be redirected to your studio "My Listings" page the Authoring Tool should be the most recent entry in your list.


There is one more step needed to take your listing live! Click the edit pencil icon found on the far right of your Authoring Tool listing.
This will take you to the listings edit section. Here we need to toggle the slider found in the top left, and make the listing "submitted & unapproved". Toggling this dial will trigger a moderation event on the platform, from there a platform admin will review your listing! After it's approved you will see it live on MOTAR Hub as a listing.

Linked Apps

Link an application to your authoring tool to further display the authoring tools tied into your current application. Linking an application will allow the user to authenticate into the Authoring Tool using the same key pair generated by your application.
This is an optional step.


Click the trash can icon found on the right of the edit pencil icon shown above. This will trigger the delete modal to remove your Authoring Tool listing. In this modals input field, you are requirred to type 'delete' before continuing.
After typing delete in the input field, the DELETE button will be in an active state allowing the user to remove this listing from MOTAR Studio. This will also remove it from the platform upon deletion.