How To Share 3D Models

Listing a 3D Model

As a studio user, you have many content listing options one being 3D models.
3D Model listings display on MOTAR Hub

Create A Listing

Clicking on the Models icon in the Create New Listing UI will show this flow to the user. Starting with Info you are required to fill in these details to create your 3D Model listing. The Info page holds the Hub Listing Preview, this includes a thumbnail, model name, and model description.
The settings page holds Polycount information and "yes/no" options to let other users know your model includes Textures & Animations.
Textures & Animations are not required for Model Listings
Polycount Options:
The packages page requires the vendor to upload the package, set its name, version and format. The uploaded package file should be a zip file with all necessary claimed file formats in it.
Format Options:
After saving your package, the package will display in a list of "All Packages" giving the user an option to delete previous uploads.
The last step before your model is available on MOTAR Hub is the permissions tab. You must walk through MOTAR's Permission wizard, setting this data lets MOTAR know who should/shouldn't see, download or make additional changes to your content.

Sharing the 3D Model

After completing your model listing, it will show up in MOTAR Hub.

How to Archive Files

A ZIP or RAR file is required when uploading a model. Please refer to these instructions as needed.
Windows Zip & Unzip Files:
Archive a file with Autodesk Max: