Accessing REST APIs

How to access the REST APIs inside the MOTAR Unity SDK
The MOTAR Unity SDK integrates your access to apps, classes, lessons, and the APIs required to authenticate students, and update their performance via assessments, all using built-in Unity objects and prefabs.
Additional functionality is available via the DXAPIRequest gateway to MOTAR’s REST APIs.
To generate a code snippet that would properly call any of our REST APIs using the student’s credentials:
  1. 1.
    OPEN the MOTAR API tab under the MOTAR Unity SDK
  2. 2.
    SELECT the API you need, and use the clipboard icon to populate the code snippet into your clipboard buffer.
  3. 3.
    COPY and paste the code anywhere it is required.
The data is returned as a object or a Texture2D where applicable.
For brevity, the snippet returns the data into a lambda completion function, which of course can be replaced by a delegate function of your choice.